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UKNP is the official United Kingdom and European website of the Nature Photographers Network™, an international cooperative network of amateur and professional photographers dedicated to the art and technique of nature, wildlife and landscape photography. Learn more about NPN and UKNP.

UKNP Announcements

This section is used to high-light forth coming events to UKNP Members.

  • Next Gathering is on the 22nd Sep @ WWT Martin Mere.
  • Next Conference is being formulated - keep tuned
  • UKNP Website updates are in progess.
UK Articles

Peruse our online UK Nature Photography articles and reviews. New content is added on a adhoc basis, the last content having been adding on the 21 Jan '07    ›››
 Forums and Galleries 


UKNP operates a Forum which allows for on-line dialogue between UKNP members and guests. The forums two primary functions are

  • The critique of members/guests Nature Photography
  • The discussion of Nature Photography related issues 

To ensure you 'get off on the right foot' please checkout the Posting Guidlines and the UKNP welcome post before contributing   ›››

 Buy and Sell


UKNP members can advertise personal, second hand, nature photography related items for sale (FS:), or Wanted to Buy (WTB), on the UKNP forum. Adverts can been seen by all and as such it is a quick way to sell/obtain specific equipment!    ›››

 UKNP Membership is NPN membership 


Learn about the benefits of membership in the Nature Photographers Network™ (NPN), including your own 120-image online portfolio on PhotoPortfolios, image hosting for our nature photo and image critique galleries, eligibility for the Editor's Pick Awards and more!    ›››

 NPN Member Portfolios 


View UKNP/NPN member's work and learn how to showcase and market your photography on    ››

 Workshops and Exhibitions 


Peruse the Instructional photographic workshops and exhibitions conducted by UKNP members.    ››

Space for Adverts if we get around to it Space for Adverts if we get around to i Space for Adverts if we get around to iSpace for Adverts if we get around to i

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